How To| Beth and the Biscuit Organizes a Cook Date for a Hungry Family

What you’re about to read is an exact e-mail conversation between myself and Sarah Lang, who cooked with me. We practice Zen Cooking or as I fondly call it: The 1 BigAss recipe. Beth and the Biscuit developed this happy way of cooking from a desperate, sad attempt to move a cookdate along smoother. You know: read recipe, gather ingredients, chop ingredients, clean up, cook, store, repeat, repeat, repeat sometimes 12 times during a cookdate. UUGGGHHHARRrrrrrrgghhhh!
So, after 4 YEARS of (struggling/straining/stressing) cooking in the “lather, rinse, repeat” paradigm Zen Cooking/1 BigAss Recipe was born.
PS, I’ve redacted Hungry Family member names because they are still all alive and might care if I publically called them out.

Subject: What’s Cooking tomorrow and OOOPPS From: Beth Wright
To: ‘Sarah Lang’
CC: ‘Beth Wright’
Date Sent: 8/7/2012 1:27:08 PM

So I forgot to add the green beans dish to the shopping list. Here are the items I’d ask you to pick up in the morning: ALASKAN Halibut, 1 # cut short wise, (v. length wise) into 4, 4 oz portions, skinned. You’ll be using the halibut for the Fish Fillet recipe Poblano pepper, 1 Cilantro, 1 bunch Quinoa, Ancient Harvest
I’ll bring to you in the morning: Green beans Tomatoes Mandolin Quart mason jars
You’ll be using the O’Halloran’s food processor. Please bring post-it note pad for labeling containers. (Note 030313 here it is! The 1BigAss Recipe) My suggestion for choreography (letters are order of menu items, numbers are the paragraphs within the recipe):

A. Honey-Lime chicken (what you’ll need: food processor, oven, foil-lined baking pan, grill pan, versatainers)
#1. Pre-heat oven 500° for the roasted salsa verde.
#3. Make and marinate chicken

B. Romesco chicken (food processor, cook-top, sauce pan, 3 dishes, large skillet, versatainers)
#1 Food Processor; romesco sauce preparation. Cooktop; pot, boil sauce 7 minutes. Hold sauce. Clean processor.
#2 Trim & slice chicken breasts – rest

C. Honey lime chicken
#2. Roast veg; tomatilla, poblano, jalapeno 15 minutes

D. Fish Fillets
#1. Prepare salsa

E. Honey lime chicken
#5. Grill pan: grill chicken breasts – rest (chicken, not you . Clean grill pan.
#3. Food Processor: roasted veg. Decant into versatainer. Label, refrigerate. Clean processor. Turn off oven.
#5. Slice cooled chicken, place in verstainers, label, refrigerate. Done.

F. Romesco Chicken
#3 food processor; make bread crumb/almond coating. Take out 3 dishes, add crumbs to one.
#4 Flour, Parm, salt, mix. Add mixture to second dish.
#5 – #7 completion. In 2 versatainers, make a bed of Romesco sauce, top with completed chicken. Hold until zucchini is completed.

G. Zucchini linguine (mandolin, cooktop, skillet)
#1 & #2, when complete, add to each versatainer beside the chicken, on top of the sauce. Make it pretty. Lid, label, refrigerate. Done.

H. Green Beans toasted walnuts with quinoa (skillet, saucepan (2), versatainer)
#1-#6. Use the skillet to toast walnuts. Sauce pan for the quinoa. Microwave or use a sauce pan for the beans. Complete, pour in versatainer, label, refridgerate.

I. Skillet roasted corn (cooktop, saucepan, versatainer)
#1-#3 Complete, pour in versatainer, label, refridgerate.

J. Fish Fillet (cooktop, skillet, foil-lined casserole)
#2-#3 Place fish fillet in casserole, foil cover, label, refrigerate. Place go-with salsa nearby.

K. Berry-grape sundae sauce (saucepan, cooktop, sieve, versatainer)
L. Watermelon salad (bowl, versatainer)
M. Mint Limeade (quart mason jar)

Please organize main menu items in the refrigerator nearby the “go-withs”.
Clean up. Turn off. You are done!

Your food becomes you, Darling, so don’t you want your food to be Beautiful?
Beth and the Biscuit Home Cooking Services 612-272-2232

(you can call me!!)

Post-PS: The recipes are in “Notes” in follow-up blog. Facebook Beth and the Biscuit is being an RatBasterd today. grrrrr

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