Personal Chef is an Art Form

Beth and the Biscuit is like a big Jackson Pollack painting seen from up close. I’m going to give the process of creating it time and pull back from it on occasion to get a bigger view. In essence, Beth and the Biscuit has several tones to it. It IS a personal chef Business (big B). When I think of myself as personal chef, I am an artist and formulate marketing the personal chef business as an Art. I believe this is a teachable skill. I also think Hungry Folks, the people we share our talents with, will see the value in hanging us in their kitchens (so to speak :-)). Through the Facebook business page, personal chefs accustom themselves to what other kitchen artisans are doing; what they’re cooking, how they package, who they are. Hungry Folks that are following the antics on the page get accustomed to seeing personal chefs at work and will select one or two personal chef artists that they think best suit them. And they will hire those food artists to feed them the colorful, brilliant food. Is any of this making ANY sense what so ever?

I look forward to reading from you what you’re newly sketching up. I am deeply grateful for the connection. In my mind, that’s what we’re all about. B.