This piece of the internet world, Beth and the Biscuit, is a chunk of that cloudy world FOR personal chefs, BY personal chefs.

My name is Beth Wright (“Elizabeth” if you’re addressing me from the corporate world, “Miss Beth” if you’re my mother).

You’re thinking:” HhhhRumpH!! How does this “Beth” person think this blog can mentor other personal chefs?” snarka-snark-snark. Well, maybe it can’t but I’ve seen it from both sides and I love them both.

The company that builds me is Beth and the Biscuit. This company has earned income for my family since 2007.
Ground in the mortar in 2007, Beth and the Biscuit was ALWAYS at the top – well on the first page anyway- of the “Minneapolis personal chef” search engine. I lived in someone else’s kitchen every morning; shopping, chopping, tasting and tossing up sanity-saving meals for the hungry-ies (If I’m a “foodie”, the folks I cook for are “hungry-ies”, I can do that, respectfully). I even got so busy I hired an assistant (and a fabulous one too!). If this is the definition of “success” in personal chef world, then yes, I was successful.
My cooking style is stream-lined Zen cooking, preparing seasonal, organic nourishment. But…

Recently my family relocated into a slower and a saner lifestyle in southwestern Virginia. Slowing down has provided me a space to re-evaluate Beth and the Biscuit, move stuff around, thoughtfully knead my lifestyle like SillyPutty.

Work as a personal chef, is all about cooking, and connections. And help from others. I had A LOT of help from others. The community of personal chefs is large, with deeply layered flavors. The personal chef culture, is a bubbling stew of cooks supporting, leaning, feeding and up-lifting each other. I’m fiercely grateful to all those patient, experienced personal chefs who parented me to whatever success I was able to realize. This is a culture of folks who give back and give big.

What really bubbles my pot about Beth and the Biscuit is the opportunity to link spoons with other professionals to make a personal chef business even more AMAZING. So let’s get on with it.

Make Dough. Feed Folks.The resurrected Beth and the Biscuit is as a Service for Personal Chefs. For a foodie-newbie investigating personal chefville, you get all enthusiastic support and RAH-RAH!! you can handle. I’m pretty perky. If perky blows you down, I’m also capable of the “gentle guidance” approach. Your choice. If I can’t answer a question, I’ll direct you to who can. I’m not going to baby or pamper you though. I can confidently promise you will have stretch (and burn) marks if you survive cooking for folks long enough to get your business cards. How’s that? Still want to go for it? What I want you to do; if you see something you don’t understand or have a question about, ask. Engage.

For you that have been around the polished granite island a few times, you’ll get tapped for guest blogging, tried and true recipes that keep ‘em drooling, best wheelie carts, chefs knives, and best marketing practices. I spotlight you, the professional personal chef, when you do some incredible things, or have great web presence, or have interesting business models, on the Beth and the Biscuit social media platforms. New ideas to refresh a business are a click away through Pinterest, Facebook and this Beth and the Biscuit blog.

I’ll be asking smart friends to give you advice so you can relax the reins of your own Social Media Marketing and SEO, hand it over to someone who does “that” for a living. Get your teeth out of that hard nut to crack. Global private chef and friend Laura Wade says, “My website has no punch. Managing two businesses (private chef & therapeutic massage therapist) has a lot more administrative demands than I ever dreamed, which doesn’t leave much time for keeping up with technology… I keep hoping a fun and creative geek will stroll into my world and rock it!”

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